About me

DavidLindeHello and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is David and I’m a 3D artist currently available for hire.

I specialize in props and environments, although I can build, rig and animate most things. I like to create things in general, whether it’s 3D or 2D, and I constantly strive to improve myself and my craft.

I have studied Game Art at The Game Assembly, a game production education with a curriculum written by the Swedish game industry. During this education I had the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers while developing games from scratch in eight game projects.

The education ended with a 30 weeks internship which I spent at PortaPlay ApS in Copenhagen. It’s a smaller company and thus I was given a large amount of responsibility. I had to be flexible and quick to learn new things, as well as make design choices that would benefit the game while being mindful of the clients’ requests.

Before The Game Assembly, I studied sequential arts for three years and worked as a freelancing comic artist and illustrator. I’ve also spent one year at art school, learning the basics such as color, composition and light.

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